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Javascript Snake

Javascript game is a videogame based on the same concept of snake game where a player guide a line which grow on lenght, only the javascript game is basic with very basic design and colors.

This game is built fully using javascript only, it does follow the same rules of original snake game. javascript need to be enabled on the browser in order to play the javascript snake game.

On this game player control a yellow square on the blue screen. player move it using the arrows on the keyboard the yellow square move forward depending on the input entered by the player (up, down, right, left), the yellow square eat red square and get longer on lenght, while it get longer yellow line of yellow square need to avoid hiting red edge of blue screen and avoid hitting it self.

It's very possible to complete this game by doing a perfect moves of the yellow square without doing faulty moves. good luck doing that, hit F11 to play on full screen.

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